The Christy Pocket Knife

Parts of the Christy sliding blade knife

The Christy sliding blade knife is the handiest pocket knife ever designed. Its slim design fits on every keychain and allows you to operate the knife with just one hand, locking the replaceable blade in three positions. It is light, safe and super sharp.

All parts are manufactured by hand with the original equipment since 1936. The carbon steel plated handle and the stainless steel blade are assembled to the same high quality standards since its invention by R.J. Christy. The blade can be resharpened. It takes 53 seperate operations to create the knife.


Unique sliding blade opens and closes with one hand. Locks into position with three different blade lengths.

  • No rough edges or square corners
  • Replaceable blade


    Easy use for left hand users or handicap.

    • Perfect for pocket or purse
    • Light weight, slim, and practical


    The Christy knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

    • Extremely sharp
    • Stainless surgical steel blade
    • Constructed of tough, durable steel

    The Christy pocket knife is manufactured as always in Fremont, OH.

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